Where are CFCs/refrigerants stored in a refrigerator? How many years do they last?

>> Where are CFCs/refrigerants stored in a refrigerator? How many years do they last?

Before we are telling you where CFCs/refrigerants stored in a refrigerator and how many years do they last. Let us first discuss, what is CFCs and what is refrigerants.

> What is CFCs?

CFCs “Chlorofluorocarbons” are the haloginated hydro carbon that consists of only Carbon “C”, Fluorine “F” and Chlorine “Cl” which are the volatile derivatives of ethane, methane and propane. It is also known by the brand name of Freon. It is also widely known as the dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon-12 or R-12). It is widely used in the propellants, refrigerants, and solvents. As this CFCs are the reason for the damage of the Ozone Layer, It is replaced by the HFCs, under the protocol of “Montreal Protocol”. In place of CFCs as propellants, refrigerants, and solvents, we use HFCs “hydrofluorocarbons” such as (R-134A and R-410A).

> What is Refrigerants?

Refrigerants are the complex compound which is either found in the gaseous or liquid state. It slowly takes the heat from their surroundings and provide air conditioning or refrigeration when attached with the suitable components such as evaporators and compressors.

Without the help of these refrigerants there would be no refrigeration, air conditioning or freezing technology. Refrigerants takes heat from the inside surroundings where the pressure is low, then It is send to the outside surroundings where the pressure is high, with the help of coils, where it is cooled down and then again comes in the low pressure after cooled down, in the inside surroundings. This cycle repeats and the inside surroundings is becoming colder and colder.

Unless and until, your cooling system is old aged, It’s not using CFCs as a refrigerant. Now-a-days, we are using HFCs such as R-404A or R-134A.

When your cooling device is not in the working condition, the refrigerant gas are stored in the evaporator, compressor, condenser and piping. In the case of large cooling systems such as the whole house A.C, which store liquid refrigerants as a reservoir to start the compressor.

There is not any limited period, on how long the refrigerants gas can be used as a cooling liquid in your fridge. Unless and until these conditions are met, which reduce their life cycle.

  1. The oil which is used in the compressor, should not be over heated. For this, you have to clean your condenser coils attest 3 times in a whole year. Also, if there is a fan installed at the bottom of your condenser to cooled down when getting overheat, you should have to keep it clean by removing dirts from fan’s blade at the regular interval of time.
  2. You will have to check your cooling system at a regular interval of time to make sure, there is no leakage from where the refrigerants liquid can be escaped.

In the last, this gas is not like the other gas which is used up while using. If anyone tells you this, then he/she makes you fool.

Here is a basic flow chart diagram of the refrigeration cycle.

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