Top 3 Reloading Bench – Buyer Guide & Reviews 2018

The reloading bench is one of those items which are looked upon by every gun enthusiast. The easiness endows to the gun users makes it one lucrative investment. No matter whether you are a pro or a beginner a sound and feasible reloader bench provides an excellent space to store tools and other vital components related to the gun.
An organized workspace allures everyone, and this is what a reloading bench does. It eases the process of reloading and makes a perfect and safe abode for the gun accessories. Although the market is flooded with numerous brands which manufacture high-quality reloading benches only a few have managed to make a remarkable place.
If you are also a gun enthusiast and looking for some of the best reloader benches of the time, then the content below will help manifolds. Here, after reviewing some of the most suitable products in the category, we have enlisted the top three best reloading benches to make your hunt easier.
So, let us take a sneak peek at their promising features and find the most lucrative one for personal use.

1. Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System

If your priority is getting one customizable reloading bench, this product from Hopkins could become your ultimate choice. You can easily customize it as per your preferences to make the reloading work free of hassles.
Made up of high-grade materials and preferably heavy-gauge resins, this reloader bench is solvent resistant and impact resistant. These features contribute to enhancing the durability of it. Easy to assemble and simple to customize it as per the required height and length it is one of the best product to splurge.
Key Traits
• Six-shelf links to store every accessory.
• Work surface height is around 36 inches.
• 2X4 framing with sturdy construction.
• Versatile design and fully customizable shelves.
With the weight of 21.1 pounds, this reloading bench didn’t seem too onerous. One can easily shift it anywhere and customize it as per the choice. Apart from these alluring features, the two-year warranty is like an extra perk one gets with this product.
Now let us get an insight into the most significant pros and cons of the product.
• It takes very little time to get assembled and requires only a powered screwdriver and saw.
• Every dimension can be customized whether it’s the length, width or height.
• It is durable and versatile.
• The maximum weight capacity of each shelf is around 1000 pounds.
• This workbench is not foldable.
• It takes an ample space in the room.

2. Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench

The next amazing reloader bench comes from Seville Classics which is made up of stainless steel and comprises perfect dimensions. The wonderfully crafted ultra-guard stainless steel drawers along with heavy-duty steel frame, all contributes to making this product worthwhile.
If reviving your garage and giving it an alluring look is one of your primary concerns, this UltraHD lighted reloading bench from Seville Classics could become your final choice. Equipped with an inbuilt fluorescent light, it provides a terrific lighted work center.
Key Traits
• Stainless steel drawers are fingerprint resistant.
• Drawers comprise gliding featured balls.
• The power strip is easily reachable.
• Wide pegboard with 23 hooks.
• Power coated for being anti-corrosive.
Coming with the dimensions of 8 x 27 x 51 inches this bench weighs around 69 pounds. Although little heavy, this product is worth every penny. While the stainless steel provides it durability, the powder coat finishing makes it resistant to corrosion.
• It comprises a metallic frame with leveling feet.
• The built-in fluorescent lights allow working even in the dark.
• The drawers are easy to slide and don’t create noise.
• It is a sturdy product with a versatile design.
• It is a heavily designed reloader bench.
• The wheels locks of the drawer don’t stay locked for long.

3. Lee Precision Reloading Bench

If space is the issue, you can easily pick the Lee Precision Reloading Stand due to its compact size and portable design. It is manufactured keeping in mind the people who have limited working space. The perfect dimension of 26”×24” makes it one of the best for people who are looking for a portable designed reloading bench.
The use of powder coated steel provides the desired sturdiness to the bench. The three-legged design is the uniqueness of this product which makes reloading a lot easier and free of hassles. To endow space for the extra presses or mountable accessories, there is a sturdy steel shelf with two bench plate receivers.
Key Traits
• Durable due to steel construction.
• Extra storage bin for tools and components.
• Skid-proof due to rubber tipping on the legs.
• Accommodate all metallic presses with ease.
Coming with the dimensions of 39″ high x 26″ wide x 24″thick, it weighs around 17.6 pounds which makes it easy to port. Apart from that, this three-legged reloader bench comprises eight holes in every leg which can be utilized to customize the height of the shelves and accessory racks.
• The construction is sturdy, and design is portable.
• The leg design is easily customizable.
• It comes with a storage bin.
• Perfect for limited space.
• It is not a collapsible reloading bench.

When it comes to splurging on best reloader bench choosing the products with great sturdiness and durability becomes essential. A bench that doesn’t move while reloading and ensure that the surface is stable is perfect to use. Having skid proof leg is another added advantage of a good reloading bench. Other than this, if you have picked a bench which is easy to assemble, can be ported anywhere with ease and is designed to keep the gun accessories perfectly, you have made the best choice.
Choosing the right reloading bench is not a child’s play. You need to test its durability, sturdiness and overall design and versatility. Therefore, keeping these points under the belt and then making the right choice would help you fetch the best product.

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