Best Netflix Original Series To Watch Right Now

The Online video streaming service Netflix has been busy over the last few months releasing new TV shows which they call “Netflix Originals”. There are so many TV shows to choose from so we have narrowed down the list of choices to help you know the top 4 Netflix Originals series that you can stream right now on Netflix.

1. The Punisher

Starting the countdown at number 4 we have the Marvels Series “The Punisher”. This action crime drama was premiered in late 2017 and is a spin-off of Daredevil which is yet another Marvel Series on Netflix. Frank Castle, former Marine that has decided to settle down in New York city after getting revenge on those responsible for his family’s murder.

2. Altered Carbon

At number 3 is the Altered Carbon, this is a sci-fi series which takes place over 350 years in the future in the year 2384. A person’s memory is downloaded into storage devices called slacks which can be transferred into different bodies which they call sleeves. The series follows political operatives with mercenary skills played by Joel Kinnaman.

3. Black Mirror

At number 2 is another sci-fi series Black Mirror, each episode in this series has a different story along with a different cast of actors. The stories are mostly an examination of modern society with regards to the unanticipated consequences of humanity’s dependency on technologies.

4. Daredevil

The second Marvel series which made into our list is Daredevil coming at number 2. It can be best described as crime, action, legal and drama. The main character is a blind Vigilante who spends his days as a lawyer and at night fight crimes in New York City.

5. House of Cards

One of the best show of Netflix to become popular with a large audience. The series starts out by telling a story of a sleazy congressman from South Carolina. Season set is set to be released this year and will be the final season. Netflix has confirmed season 6 will carry out without space involvement.

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