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KWC SAROS: Smooth functionality, versatile design in the kitchen

NORCROSS, GA (March 2013) - The new KWC SAROS range of single-lever kitchen faucets delivers exceptional functionality for the busy, modern kitchen, as well as distinctive styling that fits equally well with both contemporary and traditional spaces. Featuring clean lines, a well-proportioned cylindrical body and an ergonomically designed pull-out spray, KWC SAROS incorporates a self-cleaning technology that keeps its spout free of mineral deposits that can hamper performance.

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KWC AVA COOLFIX: The smart, simple way to save water and energy

NORCROSS, GA (August 2011) - The new KWC AVA single-lever basin faucet with COOLFIX technology offers an ingeniously simple way to save energy without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

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KWC LIVELLO: The perfect match with modern kitchen design

NORCROSS, GA (August 2011) - Featuring a sleek horizontal spout with a striking 90-degree profile, the new single-lever KWC LIVELLO is KWC’s elegant answer to right-angled kitchen faucets. Its clear use of basic forms and perfect proportions, engineered to the smallest detail, convey high quality and smart aesthetics. The ergonomic movements, innovative technology and harmonious overall appearance of KWC LIVELLO demonstrate that this series offers an original and uncompromising design – not merely a restyled derivative of some existing model.

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KWC ONO: A touch of prestige for the contemporary bathroom

NORCROSS, GA (August 2011) - North American designers are already well acquainted with the exquisite, contemporary lines of the KWC ONO kitchen faucet series. Now they can extend the same compelling combination of timeless aesthetics and innovative technology throughout the home with the recent introduction of the new KWC ONO collection for the bathroom.

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KWC SIN: Sensual Design + Sensible Functionality for the Kitchen

NORCROSS, GA (May 2011) - Few places provide as rich a sensorial experience as the kitchen: here is where tantalizing aromas beguile, worlds of flavor emerge, ingredients and delicacies entice one to touch and to taste. With KWC SIN, this culinary realm is enriched by yet another seductive feature: a new series of kitchen faucets whose stylish designs and functional versatility stimulate your senses as much as they appeal to your good sense.

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IK Investment Partners acquires Hansa Group

NORCROSS, GA (October 2010) - IK Investment Partners (“IK”), a Pan-European private equity firm, announces today that it has agreed to acquire 99.74% of Hansa Metallwerke AG which includes its Swiss subsidiary KWC AG ("Hansa Group" or the "Company") from its current owners.

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KWC AMERICA opens new doors in New England

NORCROSS, GA (August 2010) - KWC AMERICA is pleased to announce the recruitment of FourMax Marketing Inc, headed by Glenn Maxwell, to represent its KWC and Hansa brands in the New England region.

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KWC EVE - sensuous light play in white and black

NORCROSS, GA (January 2010) - The KWC EVE kitchen faucet, which has won several international design awards, has to date been available in a chrome finish or stainless steel. This fascinating kitchen faucet is now also available in glacier white or stylish black chrome-plated. These two new finishes are consistent with the latest trend in kitchen faucets and offer extra creative scope when designing modern kitchens.

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KWC SUPRIMO - simple perfection in solid stainless steel

NORCROSS, GA (January 2010) - KWC SUPRIMO celebrates aesthetic appeal, form and function. Pared down to the essentials, the kitchen faucet with purist appeal offers design and comfort across the entire range. The harmonious proportions and the use of stainless steel emphasize the clear commitment to high product quality and reliability.

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KWC AMERICA reveals its newest kitchen faucet at K/BIS

NORCROSS, GA (April 2009) - Forming a link between the world of traditional and modern looks, KWC AMERICA's new KWC AVA faucet expands the kitchen's design potential. Beyond its transitional look, KWC AVA enhances users' ease of operation with modern technology.

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KWC EVE delivers vital life elements

NORCROSS, GA (April 2009) - KWC AMERICA has combined beauty, technology and function to create the KWC EVE faucet. The exceptional stream of water and illuminated LED light ring provides an outstanding work environment in the kitchen.

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KWC LUNA kitchen faucet is groundbreaking

NORCROSS, GA (April 2009) - Incorporating smart design that complements both contemporary and traditional kitchen environments, the new KWC LUNA faucet sets a new standard for the kitchen environment. The innovative faucet's modern cylindrical shape with 270 degree swivel spout and pull-out spray define high-performance and ease of use.

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New KWC ONO chrome finish series exudes style and function

NORCROSS, GA (April 2009) - Complementing its popular stainless steel collection, the KWC ONO kitchen chrome finish series faucet offers enhanced styling and performance. The KWC ONO chrome-plated brass collection includes five new kitchen faucet models-two centrally operated and three side activated.

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The KWC ONO highflex™ is now offered in stainless steel

NORCROSS, GA (April 2009) - A showpiece of cutting-edge design, the internationally awarded KWC ONO highflex™ couples superior functionality and stylish visual appeal. With a nod to modernization, the performance-oriented faucet is now available in a handsome stainless steel finish, designed to satisfy a greater range of personal style preferences.

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NORCROSS, GA (April 2008) - The KWC ONO, with its innovative highflex hose technology, represents a new dimension in the variable use of water in today's sophisticated, high-performance kitchen. The first of its kind in the world, this smart kitchen faucet has an operating lever made of thin, hardened surgical stainless steel and a highflex spring hose that swivels 360 degrees.

An ideal choice for the semi-professional kitchen, the KWC ONO highflex® successfully combines simple, elegant design with a professional pull-out spray head featuring unprecedented flexibility. The high performance hose is easily operated with one hand and immediately returns to its original position after use.

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NORCROSS, GA (April 2008) - Complementing its popular stainless steel collection, the KWC ONO kitchen chrome finish series faucet offers enhanced styling and performance. The KWC ONO chrome-plated brass collection includes five new kitchen faucet models-two centrally operated and three side activated.

"The new KWC ONO chrome collection was designed with consumer diversity in mind," says Suzie Mears, international project manager of KWC AMERICA. "It defines architectural appeal in the kitchen while allowing for superior functionality and user-friendliness."

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